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Daisetta Texas Sinkhole

Daisetta Texas Sinkhole - TX Video footage and pictures of the giant sinkhole in Daisetta, Texas, about 60 miles northeast of Houston.

The Daisetta Texas sinkhole is at least 100 feet deep and over a quarter mile across. The zigzag shaped hole is beleived to be as long as two football fields.

Daisetta Texas sinkhole

About the Texas sinkhole, Chief Les Hulsey of the Daisetta Police Department said, “The hole is getting bigger. It’s working its way toward the highway. We have cracks all the way up to Highway 770.”

Daisetta Texas sinkhole 1

The sinkhole opened Wednesday morning in an area near an oil storage facility where salt domes are located. The caverns are used for storing salt brine pumped from oil fields.

Daisetta Texas sinkhole 2

A storage tank fell into the Texas sinkhole, as well as a truck, construction equipment and power lines.  Power lines in the area are in danger of falling into the giant sinkhole.

Daisetta Texas sinkhole 3

Daisetta Texas Sinkhole 4

We just have potholes in the road around here. I guess it’s like they say, everything is bigger in Texas!

And that’s the latest chatter about the
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